Baker Boy Baz.....

...on why I got into baking.

"I got into baking thanks to my gran. Every Saturday when I was growing up we'd always make some cakes to have with afternoon tea. It was always the highlight of my weekend. When I'm baking now I try to capture a little bit of that feeling; that joy and wonder, and put it in each cake."

...on people's reactions.

"People are always surprised by me making cakes, especially once they see my cakes!!"

...on my baking philosophy.

"Cupcakes are a great way to try new flavours easily, but it's important that they initially look the part. People eat with their eyes first, so I always want them to look good. The aesthetic of the cake, whether it be a cupcake or a larger cake, is one of the things I pride myself on; that "WOW" factor. But there is no point in having an amazing looking cake if it doesn't taste I make sure they do!!" 

...on my inspiration.

"I like to experiment and try new flavour combinations. I get my inspiration from everyday things, whether it be desserts; like my Banoffee Cakes, an event; like my Fireworks Cakes for Bonfire Night, or ideas from other bakeries that spark an idea for my own recipes; I always like to put my own spin on things."


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