Welcome to the Baker Boy Baz website.

Based in Glasgow, I am a baker and designer of bespoke cupcakes, muffins, wedding and birthday cakes. Lovingly baked and decorated by hand, these cakes provide the WOW Factor to any event or simply a delicious treat for someone special.

Take a look at the range of unique range of delights that can be created for you. Or unique cakes can be custom designed to match your needs for any event or occassion. Use the Contact Us section to find out more information or request a consultation.

"For me personally, I find baking relaxing. Some people meditate or go to the gym. I make cupcakes! It's time for myself to do something I love!"

Barry Mayers


Customer Reviews

"No matter what personal or professional hat I'm wearing, I'm constantly looking for new ways to impress people and get them talking.
I've never been to a meeting or party where cakes from Baker Boy Baz haven't done that.  Whether it's politicians or parents, staff or students, celebrities or chief executives I'm working with, I always know that an assortment from Baker Boy Baz will make the room brighter and more relaxed.

You can see they look good but they taste great as well. Order extra and make sure you have a knife because the only problem with food that makes you say "Oh My Goodness! You HAVE to taste mine!" is that you never actually get to eat your own."

Jamie Kinlochan





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